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Liberty, Diversity, Farms, and Money - Beer Links for Monday

The Story of Anchor Liberty Ale: The Beer that Started the Craft Revolution "Michael Jackson, the famed beer writer, called Anchor Liberty Ale the first modern American ale".  A great look at craft beer's roots. What should CAMRA do now to save cask ale – and itself? The better beer movement in the US is generally may occasionally struggle with the limits of it's David v. Goliath narrative , it's generally much better served than our friend across the pond.  In the UK, the Campaign For Real Ale (CAMRA) started in the early 70's championing quality beer by preserving England's traditional cask serving style from overly cold, blend kegs of macro lager.  The same Goliath as in America.  Or maybe it's Goliath's dutch cousin.  Regardless, the better beer narrative became one of tradition and preservation vs. innovations that sacrifice quality for economy.  In some minds it reduced to old v. new.  The oganization is struggling to coexist with the U

Avengers: Infinity Beer - Pairing Brews with Heros

Marvel's great cinematic event Avengers: Infinity War is upon us.  Let us not puzzle over where the coveted infinity stones are hiding, or even wonder who will survive this (or more definitively the next installment).  Let us consider our heroes in their last hours of peace.  What would the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and other heroes enjoy when they crack open a beer?  Perhaps their last.  What would they choose? Thor - Pilsner Urquel The go d of thunder demonstrated his love of drink in a scene so good, we got to see it twice.  Naming the lager Dr. Strange conjures into the mug of endless refills would tell us more about the good doctor than Thor.  The latter I'd say may be a bit indiscriminate in his tastes, with a preference for volume and a mythological willingness to steal brew kettles from giants to ensure uninterrupted supply for his follow gods and himself.  Thor would want a beer that tastes great, yet is still enjoyable after a few rounds.  Epic, c

What Do Pink Boots Collaboration Beers Show Us About Beer Culture in the US?

I wasn't moved, or even surprised when the social corners of my internet neighborhood filled with pink wellies on International Women's day.  Yes, it seemed bigger, and pinker than in years past.  It also seems that we are past the time for subtlety in the women's movement.  There's a need for catharsis.  Progress too.  But beer isn't going to change the world by itself.   From here outside of Boston, it seemed like everyone was on the Pink Boots band wagon.  I can't imagine a reason why a brewery bigger than 2-3 people wouldn't be on board to participate in some way.  The social media virtue signaling feels good, maybe it inspires, and perhaps cynically markets well.   The March 8th women's day collaborative beers are ready.  the brewers have done their parts.  The rest is up to us. Interesting trends emerge as the pink boots collaboration beers are being served.  Taproom take overs are scheduled in prominent, mainstream places; bars only recently ope